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Looking to rent specialist photography equipment for a one-off job or simply to try the latest Olympus, Sony, Nikon, Canon or Fuji DSLR camera before deciding whether to buy? Lens Lab is an excellent choice, providing you with access to the latest and best photographic equipment available.

We pride ourselves on good customer service. We provide you with telephone support and email notifications each step of the way. We're always here to help with any queries or requests that you have. Our equipment hire list is continually growing, extending in range and number. Our hire service enables you to acquire specific equipment for a job quickly or to simply try out a new model that you’ve been eyeing up.

We also hire out accessories such as extenders, filters, flashes, studio lighting. The process is fast, efficient and simple so if you'd like to experience what a new piece of equipment can do for your photography, you've come to the right place. We ship our photographic equipment across the UK, and if you reside in or around London or the south east you can collect or return rentals to us in Haywards Heath. Try us for your last minute requirements, we can often get equipment into London cheaply on the same day!

Your first hire with Lens Lab

For your first hire with Lens Lab, we ask you to email us with two forms of ID. One of these should show the billing address. We will use this ID to help risk assess the deposit requirements if there are any. If you have insurance that covers hire equipment and you can supply us with your insurance certificate we will usually not require a deposit. You'll also need to sign and return our Hire Agreement. We aim to deliver the equipment to you the day before your hire starts and we'll arrange a return on the day after it ends. Please note that all orders are subject to our Hire Agreement.

Hire FAQs

First order document requirements

When you place your first order with us, we will ask you to supply 2 forms of ID and to sign the Hire Agreement. When we have received these we will let you know if a deposit is required. If you place an order but fail to supply the documents we will NOT be able to release your equipment to the courier. We will make every attempt to contact you before your hire is due to be placed with the courier but we will not be able to refund your order if you do not receive it for this reason or if it arrives late because you supplied your documents late. We would recommend returning your documents as soon as your first order is placed.

I want to pick-up and drop-off my gear is that possible?

Yes, and it's free! Pickup is available from 3pm on the day before your hire starts and return drop-off is before 10am on the day after your hire ends. If you're worried you are not going to make it on time please make sure you tell us to avoid any late return fees. Late returns without prior permission are subject to the late return fees schedule. We're usually as flexible as we can be so let us know if you have to pick up earlier and we can usually facilitate this.

Do you supply batteries with cameras?

Yes, you will get a battery and a charger. If you requested a spare battery we will usually include this free of charge. No guarantee or warranty comes with batteries. You should satisfy yourself that batteries supplied meet your requirements. Whilst every care is taken to ensure batteries delivered are in good workable condition, we cannot take responsibility for costs incurred as a result of battery failure. We do not normally supply batteries with flash guns.

Do you supply memory cards with cameras?

Not normally although we will include a card if you specifically request one, there is no charge for this. Whilst every care is taken to ensure memory cards suppied are in good workable condition, we cannot take responsibility for costs incurred as a result of memory card failure. It is your responsibility to check the gear before you use it.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, the minimum order for hire equipment is £25, you might find that some items are available for less than this but we reserve the right to charge a minimum hire fee.

Can I reserve a hire equipment in advance?

You can reserve equipment up to six months in advance to ensure you do not miss out on the equipment you need for that special event.

Are there any discounts available for booking in advance?

Yes, the longer you hire the cheaper the daily rate, or if you are planning to reserve a equipment for seven days or more, book and pay for it at least 30 days in advance and we will give you a 10% discount on the hire price. Contact us here if you would like to make an advanced booking:

What if I want to extend the loan period?

If you find you are falling in love with your equipment and cannot bear to part with it or the job is taking longer than you intended, the hire period can easily be extended as long as the equipment has not already been booked out by another customer. For extensions there will be additional cost, the extension hire period will be calculated according to the number of days you require. If you would like to extend your hire period please email us direct at Equipment will not be extended without prior agreement from Lens Lab.

What happens if I want to cancel my order?

You can cancel your order at any time prior to dispatch. The cancellation fee is £10 provided you do so within four days of placing your order or at least 28 days before commencement of the hire period. A further cancellation charge of £10 plus 25% of your order total will apply if you elect to cancel within 28 days of the start of the hire period. For cancellations less than 14 days before the hire starts, £10 plus 50% of the cost of the equipment hire period will be charged.

Outward and return couriers are booked aproximately 4 days before your hire starts. These are not able to be cancelled. This portion of your charges cannot be refunded under any circumstances once they have been paid for by us.

What happens if I want to return the equipment before the end date?

You can return the equipment any time you like before the end of the hire period, although we are unable to offer a refund for unused days.

Can anyone hire photographic equipment from Lens Lab?

Yes, you will need a valid debit or credit card, a valid billing address and can provide proof of billing address.

How long can I hire an item for?

You can hire an item for as little as one day and for as long as you like. The camera, accessories or equipment hire price for your chosen duration is clearly displayed on our website. If you wish to hire equipment for longer than 28 days please contact us and we can arrange that for you.

When does the rental period start and finish?

Your (authorised) hire period starts on the first day of your chosen hire period. You will then need to return the equipment to us the day after your hire period ends. For example, if you hire equipment for three days starting on a Tuesday, we will deliver the equipment to you on Monday or at the time requested on Tuesday and then ask that you return it to us on the Friday (the day after your hire period ends). The equipment needs to be returned via a pre arranged collection service or drop ship service or can be returned by hand to us in Haywards Heath by arrangement.

Can I take the hire equipment out of the country?

Yes, subject to certain terms and conditions. You will need to show us your travel insurance to make sure our equipment is covered. Our own insurance is only valid within the UK. We will contact you to confirm the details and we reserve the right to charge a deposit for the full cost of the equipment in certain circumstances. The deposit will be refunded upon the safe return of the equipment at the end of the hire period.

Costs & Charges

Are there any hidden charges?

No, the charges that you see on the website are what you will pay. We will clearly display the cost of the hire for the period and the delivery charges. If a deposit is required it will be displayed and all our prices are inclusive of VAT and insurance.


When you place an order your credit or debit card will be validated and the full cost of the hire period (including any deposit) secured. We will refund any deposit when the items have been safely returned to us.

What currencies do you accept?

Payment must be in UK Pounds Sterling.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the usual major credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal.

Do you charge VAT?

Currently, we do not charge VAT on your order.

Can I collect or drop off the equipment?

Yes, by prior arrangment. The address is as follows: 22 Stamford House, Great Heathmead, Haywards Heath, RH16 1FH, West Sussex. UK.

Collections can take place at almost any time as long as you let us know you are coming. You may need to take a copy of your Lens Lab order, proof of address and a form of photo ID with you when you collect. Pickup is available from 3pm on the day before your hire starts and return drop-off is before 10am on the day after your hire ends. If you're worried you are not going to make it on time please make sure you tell us to avoid any late return fees. Late returns without prior permission are subject to the late return fees schedule. We're usually as flexible as we can be so let us know if you have to pick up earlier and we can usually facilitate this.

Can you deliver the equipment to an address other than my home address?

We are able to deliver to any UK address. You will be asked to specify the delivery address during the checkout process. In some instances, we reserve the right to charge a deposit for the equipment if it is being delivered to a different address. The equipment will need to be signed for on delivery.

What happens if the equipment arrives when I'm not at home?

We will do everything we can to make sure your delivery arrives at the right time. If there is a missed delivery we will work with you and our courier to make further arrangements.

What happens if my hired equipment arrives late?

We cannot accept responsibility for late deliveries where our courier has attempted delivery but failed due to no fault of Lens Lab Ltd or the courier. For example the courier tries to deliver but nobody is available to accept the delivery or the address cannot be found by the courier because of missing information or where security information has not been provided.

Please contact us immediately if your equipment has not arrived by the start of your hire period. We will do everything we can to swiftly resolve this situation to your satisfaction.

We work cloesly with our couriers to ensure reliable delivery, however, if they fail on their delivery promise for any reason, we cannot accept any liability for costs incurred by you as a result.

If your hire arrives late and it is not possible for you to use the equipment as a result of this lateness, we will refund 100% of the hire fee so long as you immediately return the equipment unused. Note that if you are going on holiday or have a studio booked, we advise you to order your equipment so that you have an extra day for safety.

How do I return the equipment?

You will receive full instructions on how to return the equipment along with all the necessary labels and packaging in the box. You are obliged to return the equipment to us on the day after your hire period ends before midday.


We carefully pack your order to make sure that the contents can withstand being dropped (from a small height such as a work bench) when being handled by the courier. Please be careful when you repack items for return. Take note of how the item is packed and pack it in a similar way. Do not allow two lenses to be packed where they may touch each other, do not pack a lens loosely in a box and make sure there is padding on all sides of the content. If damage occurs in the return transit as a result of poor packaging we will consider this your fault and you will be liable for costs.

Late Returns or incomplete Returns

If the rental equipment is returned late we reserve the right to charge double the daily hire rate until we have safe receipt of the equipment. If your return only part of equipment you will be charged for all of the equipment. For example, if you return a lens without a hood or a cap or a camera without a battery or battery charger, you will be charged the late return penalty for the lens if you return it late or the cost of replacing the missing item.

Incomplete returns

When you return your hire gear, please make sure that everything is included. We will recover costs from you for any items missing or damaged beyond what can be considered reasonable wear and tear. Disputes of this nature are very unusual and whenever a dispute does arrise we always like to solve any issues with you amicably in the first instance. We will use your deposit or make a charge to your payment card to recover any late return or missing or damaged items costs.

Recovering costs from you in situations where you fail to return the equipment, return equipment late or incomplete

As part of your hire agreement you agree that we will use your deposit or make a charge to your payment card to recover any late return or missing or damaged items costs.

In the event that you experience problems returning the equipment on the required day please let us know immediately.

Returning Lighting Kits

Take special care to return lighting kits in the way that you found them. Failure to do this will result in a restocking fee of £25. Please keep in mind that if the kit is not packed neatly we have to spend time checking all the contents and repacking for the next customer. This fee will be automatically charged to your card.

Lost, Damaged or Stolen

What happens if the equipment gets lost, damaged or stolen?

In the event of the equipment incurring damage of any kind, please contact us and arrange to return the equipment, or other equipment, for repair. Similarly, if the equipment should be lost or stolen, please contact us immediately.

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