Insurance Information

All our equipment is insured as standard with the cost of this included in the price or your equipment hire. Our insurance leaves you free to enjoy using the equipment, without having to expend time and money trying to obtain suitable cover.

Please note however that the insurance does not cover for any loss or damage which is a direct result of negligence. While in your care you are obliged to ensure that any equipment that you hire from Lens Lab is secure and safe at all times and is never left unattended in a public place or in an unattended vehicle.

There is an excess on all equipment hired from us of £450 + VAT for each item hired. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, you may be liable to pay this excess. If you opt to pay the insurance excess waiver fee with your hire the excess is reduced to £25. This is avalable during the checkout process and the cost is £15 per hire.


Spanish sun...

Our absolute favourite find was the Museo Sorolla, a celebration of the life and work of Joaquin Sorolla (1863-1923). The museum, opened in 1932, was once the Madrid home of this influential impressionist painter.

Clash of the Cameras!

Clash of the Cameras

Looking for gift ideas for photography friends? These playing cards allow photo fans to play famous cameras off against each other in a classic top-trumps style card game to find out who's got the best gear.

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