Interfit F5 Three-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit with Boom Arm

Interfit F5 Three-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit with Boom Arm

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Key Features: Interfit F5 Three-Head Flourescent Lighting Kit
Create an endless array of captivating and dramatic photos and videos with the Interfit F5 Two-Head Fluorescent Lighting Kit! The F5 is a cool-running continuous light source that combines ease of use and versatility to provide a powerful lighting tool for your personal studio. Simple, effective and economical, Interfit's F5 two head kit sheds 1600 Watt-equivalent of 5600K light and is well-suited to a wide range of professional studio applications. The kit is perfect for anyone looking for reliable, quality continuous lighting at fantastic value. The F5s also make for excellent fill lights, for shaping your images.

Each F5 head features five 32w fluorescent lamps that can be switched on and off individually, or in sets of 2, to create a wide range of lighting ratios. With 800 equivalent Watts of power in each head, the F5 provides plenty of light for home and pro studios. The included softboxes come with a removable diffuser for an even softer light quality.

Every F5 kit includes a pair of standard 2.3m (7.5’) air-cushioned light stands (COR750). Air-cushioning prevents the stand from crashing down and helps to protect the lamps.

Energy efficient fluorescent lamps
5600k daylight colour temperature
1600 Total Watt equivalent power output
Remains cool to the touch
Includes Lightstands and Softboxes
Attribute Value
Watt Output:800W equivalent each head
Colour Temperature:5600K
Variable Power:Individual lamp control
Fitting Type:Proprietary
Operating Voltage:220-230VAC
Watt Usage:160W each head
Replacement Lamp:32W Fluorescent Lamp – INT042
Cable Length:4m (13’)
Mounting:Standard 5/8" Stand Mount
Softbox:50 x 70cm (20 x 28″) Rectangle
Softbox Material:Nylon
Heat Resistant:No
Rod Material:Metal
Inner Diffuser:No
Outer Diffuser:Yes
Accepts Honeycomb Grid:No
Light Stands:2 - 4-Section Light Stand - 2.3m ( 7.5')
Boom Arm:75-140cm Max. (30-55" Max.)
Head Dimensions:25.4 x 16.5 x 16.5cm (10 x 6.5 x 6.5") – without lamps or softbox
Head Weight:0.6kg (1.4lb) – without lamps or softbox
In The Box:2 x Interfit F5 Heads, 15 x 32w Fluorescent Lamp, 3 x 4m (13') Power Cables, 3 x 50 x 70cm (20 x 28”) Softboxes, 2 x 4-Section Light Stand - 2.3m ( 7.5ft), 1 x 4-Section Light Stand - 3m (10’), 1 x 75-140cm Max. (30-55" Max.) Boom Arm, 1 x Boom Clamp, 1 x Counterweight Bag

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